Ext2 File Undeletion

Preventing catastrophe

What's the best data recovery strategy?
(Listed in order of increasing effectiveness)

Preparing for the worst

The mechanics of actual undeletion

In conclusion:

Above is how this appeared on Wednesday, September 6, 2000. Since then, I have become aware of a new HOWTO available at the LDP. I haven't used it yet myself (Read: I haven't done a repeat performance of the incident that caused me to need to learn enough on this subject in order to write the above), but it looks to be even more useful.

Also note that I'm not aware of any tools that might exist to attempt undeletion with other filesystems, such as ReiserFS. Theoretically, the above steps might work with Ext3, since it's basically just <oversimplification type="gross"> Ext2 with journalling </oversimplification>. If anyone tries this and succeeds, please let me know so I can update this. It would be appreciated.

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